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Every day, millions of scientists worldwide choose from thousands of journals across 150 subject categories to submit their prepared research manuscript. Each journal varies in terms of reputation, scope of interest, available manuscript types, acceptance rate, cost, processing time and other parameters of significance to the authors. JournalGate provides a multimodal search engine for preliminary journal comparison and selection to identify the best fitting journal for your prepared research article in the field of ophthalmology.

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Do you spend hours browsing the websites of scientific journal to understand author guidelines on manuscript preparation? JournalGate has collected information on journal rank and scope, available article types, and details on manuscript preparation.


JournalGate has collected data from multiple scientific databases on hundreds of journals to make them available in a searchable format for publishing scientists.

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“JournalGate saves me a lot of time. It brings all ophthalmologic journals together and makes them comparable in terms of impact, scope and manuscript type.”

Vito Romano, MD
Moorfields Eye Hospital, London, UK

“Scientific journals have become a true jungle to overview. This service is great to make decisions on where and how to first or resubmit an article. For me it is helpful to see all possible publication costs right away.”

Andrew Stein, PhD
Academic ophthalmologist, New York, NY, USA

“I was not aware of how many manuscript types there are. I successfully submitted a long forgotten photo essay just because I found an appropriate journal for it through JournalGate.”


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